Best Selling Workbenches and Tool Storage Boxes

Buy the Best Heavy-Duty Workbench or Industrial Tool Cabinet Online

When you need a durable, affordable tool storage solution, it may be time to invest in one of our workbench tool storage cabinets. Each Dragonfire Tools workbench with drawers is expertly engineered to meet our high quality standards and specifications, and you can count on our products to provide years of use. And with our reasonable prices, there’s no better value than industrial workbenches with storage drawers from Dragonfire Tools.

How Do You Store Tools in a Workbench with Drawers?

It’s simple to keep your garage or workshop safe and functional with our tool cabinet systems:
  • Choose where you’ll want to place your new tool storage cabinets, clear out the space, and measure how much room you have to work with.
  • Measure your largest tools so you can choose a toolbox with drawers that will accommodate everything you need to store.
  • Pick out industrial workbenches with storage drawers that are right for your needs, or contact us for a custom order.
  • Clean your tools, making sure to lubricate any moving parts, sharpen blades, and fix loose handles.
  • Stow your tools in your new storage tool bench. Don’t forget to save a spot for any user manuals or blueprints you might want to keep handy!

What Are the Best Tool Chests to Buy?

The best tool chests and tool benches are sturdy, have enough space to store everything you need to put away, and offer a durable worktable on top. At Dragonfire Tools, the garage tool cabinets and chests we make are among the best hardware storage solutions you’ll find online, and they can hold all of your heaviest implements with ease: Single-railed drawers can hold 200 pounds, while our double-railed drawers are rated for 400 pounds. You can also have the tool workstation you order fitted with a set of casters, so our solid industrial workbenches can be moved around your shop or to a job site, no matter how many tools you’ve packed in.

How Much Does a Stainless Steel Workbench/Toolbox Cost?

A metal workbench for sale will vary in price depending on the size and the numbers of drawers in the model, but typically, when you shop with us, you’ll pay an average of around $5000 for most industrial workbenches. Our range of prices runs from $4299 for the lowest-priced model to $5799 for the highest-priced tool cabinet.

What Should I Use for a Workbench Top?

A metal shop workbench is superior because it gives you the strongest surface possible, so it can hold up to any work you may be doing, no matter how tough the job. When you shop with Dragonfire Tools, you’ll see that every metal workbench for sale has a surface made of 14 Gauge 304 stainless steel. You won’t find tool benches with a wood top here: Our industrial workbenches are stronger than that.

How Big Should a Garage Workbench Be?

The size of your workbench will depend on the amount of gear you need to keep in it and the amount of space you have for your new box. Often, you’ll want a 7-foot or 9-foot metal workbench with drawers. If in doubt, keep in mind that few people have ever complained of having too much storage space in a large workbench!

What Is the Best Height for a Workbench?

Your industrial workbench should sit around waist height for good posture and comfort while working. That said, most garage workbenches are around three feet tall. Our workbenches are usually a little more than three feet tall, allowing for plenty of storage space beneath, as well as a comfortable working height.

How Do I Organize My Mechanic’s Tool Chest?

There are a lot of ways to organize a heavy-duty metal workbench with drawers, and you should stick with whatever organization system works best for you. You’ll probably want to put your heaviest tools in the lowest drawers, and if you’re using a metal workbench with a pegboard, you might want to keep some of your most-used hand tools there for easy access. If you’re using a workbench with a vise, you’ll want to sort the rest of your tools into the drawers to free up as much space on top of your metal workshop table as you can. Often, mechanics and other wrench-turners will put their most-used tools in the center drawers and work outward from there.

How Do I Choose the Best Workbench?

Only you can know which garage workbench will be the best fit for you and the work you do. Fortunately, Dragonfire Tools offers high-quality, reliable workbenches that can stand up to even the toughest jobs. Whether you need tool storage for automotive maintenance, a woodworking bench for your garage, or a sturdy steel workstation for industrial use, our wide selection and custom workbench options have you covered.

Which Is the Best Workbench to Buy?

While there are plenty of workshop tables on the market, you won’t find a better value than an industrial workbench with drawers from Dragonfire Tools. Each 14-gauge 304 stainless steel workbench we sell is strong enough for anything you can dish out. We’re confident that our heavy-duty workbenches and industrial storage cabinets with drawers will hold up to years of wear and tear and work, so much so that we also offer a five-year warranty on our products. And because a tool chest isn’t worth its salt if it isn’t the right size or shape, we offer a range of sizes and styles, as well as custom metal workbench options.

What Is the Best Portable Workbench Online?

Nobody knows your workplace needs better than you do, so it makes sense that the best industrial rolling tool cabinet would be one that’s tailored to your individual needs. Sometimes, a simple tool cart isn’t enough, which is why we offer a wide range of adjustable, commercial-grade products as well as custom options. And each industrial workbench table we carry can be fitted with a set of casters for mobility. A professional mobile workbench from Dragonfire Tools is a perfect and dependable option for those transporting their equipment to and from a work site every day.

Who Makes the Top Workbench on the Market?

The short answer is Dragonfire Tools, but the man behind the brand name is Lew Amicone, a former Navy machinist who worked aboard the ballistic missile submarine USS Pennsylvania. Lew grew up working on cars with his grandfather, so he’s no stranger to turning wrenches, and from this background came a commitment to producing the best possible products for home garages and industrial shops at a price other manufacturers just can’t beat. Our customers also help to make our tool benches and tool chests the best: Your feedback enables us to constantly improve our products.

Buy a Metal Toolbox That’s a Cut Above

Place your order online for a durable, affordable storage bench with drawers from Dragonfire Tools today and you’ll be glad you did. You’re sure to find what you need here, but if you don’t, contact us: Whether you need to order custom tool benches or have one shipped to a foreign country, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Soon, you’ll join the ranks of our many satisfied customers with your own high-quality metal garage workbench with storage. Edited by Lew Amicone
Dragon Fire Tools was started in the spring of 2016. I was a machinist in the United States Navy on board the ballistic missile submarine USS Pennsylvania SSBN 735 from 92-96 so I know all about getting dirty and turning wrenches. Our commitment to our fellow wrench turners is to continue to strive to provide the best quality product at an affordable price. Learn More