12 Drawer Midnight Pro Series Garage Workbench with Swappable Drawers

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Weight 854 lbs
Dimensions 84.5 × 28.5 × 41.5 in
Drawer Capacity 200 lbs and 400 lbs

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Industrial Heavy Duty Garage Workbenches with Swappable Drawers

7FT 12-Drawer Midnight Pro Series Workbench

Edited by Lew Amicone
Professional mechanics and laborers understand the importance of having a high-quality workbench that will stand up to the abuse that comes from high-powered tools and heavy-duty work processes. But even if you aren’t a professional, don’t you deserve to furnish your garage or workshop with the best equipment and storage solutions available? No matter what type of shop you have, at Dragonfire Tools, we can help you outfit it with the best workbenches, cabinets, and toolboxes at the best prices. Our industrial metal 12-drawer tool cabinet proves that you don’t have to settle for an inferior storage solution or go into debt for years to get the box you need.

Features of the 7-ft. Midnight Pro Series 12-Drawer Workbench

Our customers clamored for this product, and we delivered. Our seven-foot workbench is built to withstand all of the abuse you’ll put it through in your garage or professional shop. In its 12 roomy SWAPPABLE drawers, all of your tools will have a spot so you can keep your work surface clear of clutter. This 12-drawer toolbox has a combination of both skinny and deep drawers to fit everything. The skinny drawers will support up to 200 pounds, and the deep drawers can hold an amazing 400 pounds each. The drawers also have locking mechanisms and steel ball-bearing rail slides. Cabinets on both ends have a single adjustable shelf each and magnetic doors that close securely.

We also didn’t skimp on the workbench surface above the toolbox. The 12 drawers sits below 14-gauge stainless steel, providing all of the strength and durability you’d expect of our products. And for your convenience, each 12-drawer toolbox also features six outlets and four USB ports, so you won’t have to worry about running out of outlets or scrambling for extension cords.

Get the Metal 12-Drawer Tool Cabinet You Need and Great Service, Too

At Dragonfire Tools, quality and affordability are our top priorities, and we work hard to provide the best value in tool cabinets and workbenches to our fellow wrench-turners. If you need help deciding if our 7-ft. Midnight Pro Series 12-drawer workbench is for you, contact us by phone or email and we’d be glad to assist you. Need something we don’t carry? We can make it happen. Whether you need a toolbox with 12 drawers in lime green or you just need to order these cabinets in bulk for a large shop, we’re happy to help you create a custom order.

Once you buy one of our products, don’t be surprised to hear from us after delivery: We often reach out to our customers just to be sure that they’re satisfied with their purchase. We welcome your feedback, which we use to constantly improve our workbenches and tool chests. And we’ll be there for you for years to come, too, since all of our products come with a five-year warranty. That’s just one more reason why buying from us is a smart choice.

12 Drawer Midnight Pro Series Garage Workbench with Swappable Drawers Dimensions

Drawer Size WxDxH Rails Capacity
A 19.4″x23.5″x2.75″ 1 Set 200Lbs
B 19.4″x23.5″x5.31 2 Sets 400Lbs
Cabinet Inside Dimensions
C 29.13″ Top to Bottom
20.55″ Wide
25.59″ Front to Back

Product Materials

Our New 12 Drawer Midnight Pro Series Work Bench Features the following:

  • All Steel Welded Frame 14 Gauge Square Tubing
  • All Steel Drawers with 14 Gauge Drawer Fronts
  • Galvanized Steel Drawer Bodies are 16 Gauge
  • Work surface is 14 STAINLESS STEEL
  • 4 inch lip on the top back work surface
  • Mixture of 8 skinny drawers and 4 deep drawers.
  • Fully Enclosed Backs
  • All Powder Coat Finish
  • Drawer Locks Included
  • Steel ball bearing rail slides with detent
  • Skinny Drawers are single railed and rated for 200 lbs each
  • Deep Drawers are double railed, with double gussets on the bottom and rated for 400lbs each
  • All Drawers Fully Open
  • Shipping Weight 908 lbs
  • High Quality 1/8 Dragonfire Anti slip drawer liners available for $40.00 per set of 12
  • (casters are an option and are not included) 6 Piece Heavy Duty Caster Set Available for $250.00
  • (Leveling feet are an option and are not included 6 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Foot Set for $200.00.

5 Year Limited Warranty

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24 reviews for 12 Drawer Midnight Pro Series Garage Workbench with Swappable Drawers

23 reviews
  1. ddreinsel (verified owner)

    No doubt this is the best piece of garage ‘furniture’ I’ve ever owned. I was able to consolidate 3 old workbenches (2 Craftsman and another off-brand) into the Dragonfire 12-door. The most daunting task was attaching the wheels. As a homeowner hobbyist, I didn’t have a floor jack or 12 strong neighbors. So I used two scissor jacks from my vehicles with a piece of board as a weight distributor. A lot of cutting on the shipping crate floor with a sawzall to create cutouts for the jacks, as well as the wheels. But I was able to make it work like a charm.

    The 12-drawer behemoth came in perfect condition, as did the crate that surrounded it.

    It is great to get my garage all organized, giving all my tools a home. Thanks to Lew for getting the unit shipped immediately. Had it not been for the Memorial Day weekend, I would’ve gotten it within 2 or 3 days, I think. Nevertheless, I needed the time to get its future home all prepared.

    This is a top notch workbench and I am loving it.


  2. ramirezhotrod

    Received my work bench tool box in excellent condition, the quality and workmanship is awesome! My wife said it was too pretty to have in my garage! Thank Thank you Lew for taking time to call me personally and explain the little details I had questions about.


  3. Dustyn Skogsberg (verified owner)

    Amazing tool boxes, this was a perfect fit for us because of function and also how great looking they are! Thanks Lew!


  4. Jon (verified owner)

    I love this bench! Well worth the money.


  5. Jon (verified owner)

    Money well spent! I love this bench.


  6. Alph Wright (verified owner)

    Just purchased and received the 12 Drawer and the 24 Drawer for my garage. Put the casters on them and they roll very easy. Very Pleased with my purchases. Now I need to install the cabinets I also purchased. Great Support from Lew!


  7. Mitchell Wilson (verified owner)

    I’ve shopped around for a good 2-3 months looking at a multitude of manufacturers for a workbench like what’s offered and there was not a single option available that compared to not only quality, fit & finish nor pricing. I purchased 3 units from DFT and I’ll be back to pickup the matching cabinets. DO NOT let these workbenchs go unnoticed. Value to quality is unmatched.


  8. Randy Timms

    Excellent product, great addition to our race shop! #team5T


  9. Brian Scandle (verified owner)

    The workmanship and quality are top notch. I purchased the same workbench in 2018 and loved it. They are always looking at ways to improve an already great product, like the stainless steel top, lockable doors and drawers and the outlets and USB ports. I would recommend these to anyone.


  10. Brian Scandle (verified owner)

    The construction quality is top notch. I purchased this same tool bench in 2018 and loved it. The new one I just purchased has some great enhancements, the stainless steel top, lockable doors and drawers and the outlets and USB ports are a must. They constantly look for ways to improve on an already great product


  11. Eric Bocker

    18 drawer work bench was exactly what I was looking for great craftsmanship and shipped to me in perfect condition!

  12. aglenn122 (verified owner)

    I received my 18 drawer bench and immediately order the 12 drawer bench. The quality is top notch.
    Lew is an Outstanding individual to deal with, always willing to help one any way he can.


  13. Keith Benson

    These workbenches are amazing quality. I have gotten used to ordering things online and getting disappointed, but these actually exceeded my expectations. Even the packaging was top quality. They came carefully wrapped one in 1/2 thick Masonite, shrink wrapped to the nicest metal pallet I have ever seen, and had 1/8 steel plates protecting the ends.
    The box is heavy gauge steel and the stainless tops are a work of art.
    I’m actually glad I got the 7 ft versions because these baby’s are heavy duty. They totally transformed the look of my automotive classroom.


  14. Bill (verified owner)

    Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the Dragonfire work bench we purchased. We are an aircraft maintenance provider and know how important workmanship standards are. We found yours to be exceptional, including the packaging for shipment to exclude damage! Please thank your staff and crew on our behalf!

    Bill White
    Aerospace Services And Products, Inc.


  15. Eric Jensen

    We are extremely pleased with the quality of this product. The cost associated with the attention to detail and versatility of this workbench make this a great value.
    I was also impressed that the owner actually called me to ensure we were satisfied with our purchase. Will definitely consider for future work bench needs .

  16. Zach

    I finally got my 12 drawer 7 foot workbench setup in my shop. It had arrived slightly damaged from the shipping carrier. I was able to talk to a Dragonfire representative. They immediately addressed my concerns and took care of the issue. This workbench is high quality and impressive. I highly recommend this workbench and Dragonfire tools


  17. Neil Starrenburg (verified owner)

    Just got my 12 drawer 7’ bench delivered today. This cabinet is everything others have said and more. It is built like a tank! I ordered mine with wheels and they already installed them. The drawer pads were already in the respective drawers. Again, top of the line stuff.

    I did receive the wall cabinets as well, but will need a few weeks to get them hung up. They sure look solid.
    I’ll add a few picture once I get it all put together.
    Very highly recommend DragonFire!!

  18. Mark Shilkus

    These cabinets, workbenches, the best quality on the market. You will not find better units than these. Dragonfire Tools cannot be beat. Quality service, quality price, quality products.


  19. Sammy B

    I saw this box on FB one day and said to myself, I need one. I’m glad i did. I went back and forth, and finally pulled the trigger and custom ordered a blue one and wow it is nice. SS top, the drawers are heavy duty, I’m very pleased and the price was the best, much cheaper than the big truck. So if you are looking don’t look any further. Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed.

  20. Dale Johnson

    Got 3 of these for the shop. After getting them here and seeing how solid they were built we plan on getting several more after the first of the year. Top is thick stainless, and with the wood underneath we were able to bolt big vices to all of them. One of them we also bolted a bench grinder to on the other end. Stainless is high quality as I tried to stick a strong magnet on it and it wouldn’t stick. (Junk stainless will let a magnet stick to it) Overall very impressed. Lew was great to deal with as was his delivery guy Roger.

  21. todd nemans

    Just got mine. Holy crap are these things heavy! Really nice benches for a good price. The new stainless steel tops are a real looker, and i spent half of what i thought i was going to spend on something like this. Also the owner was awesome to deal with. Talked with me for a good 25 minutes answering all my questions before my purchase. Great company.

  22. Keith Messiang


  23. Johnathan M.

    I bought 2 of these for my new garage. Roger delivered them and put them exactly where I wanted them. When I first called, Lew answered all my questions and made me feel good about my decision since I was getting these site unseen. I had seen a few reviews on garage journal and a couple of other places on these and decided to take the plunge. I really like the gun metal gray as it makes these things look really sharp.

  24. William McRay

    Hello everyone,

    First, I have no affiliation with this company. I am just a happy customer who want to share with others who may have interest.

    After a lot of reading and research of work benches with embedded tool boxes for storage and organization, I was ready to pull the trigger and buy several Harbor Freight 43 inch wide tool boxes and do as others and build a frame around them and a metal work top. I then stumbled on this company called Dragon Fire Tools and looked around their site. I was immediately impressed with what I was seeing and reading and decided to contact the owner with a few question which he (Lew) was very responsive. For the cost of $1600-1800 for a work bench with everything I was looking for, it was far cheaper to buy these then build my own bench and buy the boxes to place in the work bench. Not to mention the added features as I will explain below.

    I took delivery on my new work benches yesterday and thought I would share with everyone the product.

    The work benches showed up in fine fashion and well protected. Mr. Elvis who delivered the work benches backed the trailer down the driveway and he stuck around to not only get them off his truck and trailer, but he also assisted in getting the work benches placed in my shop where I wanted them. Thank you Mr. Elvis for all your help!

    I purchased three boxes , (2) 7 foot with 24 drawers and (1) 7 foot with twelve drawers and two side cabinets. The benches are well made and with a great powder coat finish. I am very impressed with the quality. No damage or scratches anywhere on the three work benches as delivered.

    These work benches are filling a gap in the industry that is well needed for a home shop and professional shops. The height is perfect at 37 inches and the depth is a very nice feature of 29 inches for proper storage versatility for all sorts of tools.These are not like the like the big box stores that have only 18-20 inch deep tool boxes with small depth drawers where your longest screw driver can’t lay in straight.

    If you are in the market and looking for a good quality work bench with all the features of a big name brands like Snap-On, these work benches are for you. Keep in mind, these are not Snap-On nor meant to be, but are affordable, good looking, great quality and useful.

    Not long after I got things settle in, I received a call from the owner Lew checking in to see how things arrived and if I had any issues or concerns. Great customer service nice to see a business owner reach out to his customers.

    If you are in the market to outfit your shop, don’t wait, get yourself a few! You will not be disappointed.