Workbench and Tool Storage Resources

Whether you are designing and creating a home workshop in a garage or basement or setting up a machine shop where you’ll provide professional services, safety and functionality will be top priorities. A well-designed and well-organized work area likely includes a workbench, lighting, some type of tool storage, and other more generalized workshop storage for materials you’ll need. Having a portable toolbox is also essential for many do-it-yourself hobbyists and professional crafters.

Workshop organization is crucial for several reasons. First, organization ensures that you have space to store every tool and material that you’ll need. You’ll easily be able to find every item quickly when everything has an assigned storage spot. A tool cabinet is one method of storage that makes it easy to store your tools and find what you need. Adequate tool storage also protects your investments, since it can keep your tools safe and secure when you’re not using them. Choosing a tool cabinet that locks is a good option for securing your tools when you’re not using them. You will streamline your work processes when you can quickly access tools, too.

Another part of a safe workshop is the use of personal protective equipment when using tools. Find a spot in your tool cabinet to store goggles, ear protection, gloves, dust masks, respirators, and other items that will protect users from injuries that could occur when using some implements and power tools. Make it a rule to always use protective equipment when using tools. Always put protective equipment away in workshop storage when you finish using it.


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