20 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4″ Workbench W/Swappable Drawers

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Weight 1344 lbs
Dimensions 112.25 × 28.55 × 41.5 in
Drawer Capacity 200 lbs and 400 lbs

Original price was: $6,299.00.Current price is: $5,499.00.


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Dragonfire Midnight Pro Series 20 Drawer Heavy Duty Industrial Garage Workbench with Swappable Drawers.

Our most popular model, this heavy duty garage work bench with a stainless steel top has everything you need to store all of your tools in one place. With its 20 industrial-strength SWAPPABLE drawers, you’ll find that everything you need can be right at your fingertips so you don’t waste time digging around for the right tool. Thats right, I said SWAPPABLE! This is a first in the industry. Create your own configuration however you want!  (See Video) You also won’t need to lay your tools sideways to make them fit or leave some on the workbench because they’re too tall to fit inside.  This heavy-duty tool box has drawers sized to hold whatever you need to stow.  Our easy-slide drawer bodies are made from 16-gauge galvanized steel, so they won’t buckle under the strain.  The skinny single railed drawers can hold 200 pounds, while the wide and deep double railed drawers can hold up to 400 pounds of tools. While these tool boxes are built to last, their prices aren’t anywhere near what you’d pay for comparable large toolboxes for sale elsewhere. You won’t find a better value than tool storage work benches from Dragonfire Tools!

Extra Heavy Duty Steel Workbenches with Rock-Solid Construction

The drawers aren’t the only feature our industrial workbenches have, the work surface is also engineered for maximum functionality.  The 14-gauge 304 stainless steel top of this heavy duty workbench can take whatever you can dish out.  If you want to bolt on a bench grinder or vise, you’ll have no trouble. You’ll also find that your tools aren’t the only thing in easy reach. Each 20 drawer garage workbench with tool storage comes with six outlets and four USB ports so you won’t have to go hunting for an empty outlet or an extension cord in the middle of a job.  The four inch backsplash on the back of the workbench will make sure that you don’t lose a bolt or nut behind the bench ever again. If you need your workbench mobile, not problem.  You can purchase our 6 piece heavy duty caster set to ensure that you can move your worksurface and tools right up to the job that you are working on.  This works great for heavy equipment mechanics, aviation mechanics, or anyone that needs to have a mobile workbench in their garage or shop.

Upgrade Your Shop or Garage

Upgrade your garage with units that are designed to go with your workbench like Wall Cabinets,  Locker Cabinets, or upper and lower corner units.

Service That Goes Above and Beyond

At Dragonfire Tools, we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, a commitment that’s evident both in the quality of our large tool boxes for sale and in the service we provide, both before and after you make a purchase. If you need help finding the right heavy-duty worktable for your shop, just contact us and we’ll work with you to get you what you need, even if it’s a custom order (in quantities). And once you receive your new heavy duty industrial garage workbench, don’t be surprised if you get a call from us.  We like to follow up with our customers to see how they’re doing with our products and get feedback we can use to make our great workbenches and tool storage cabinets even better.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a reliable heavy duty garage workbench with drawers that will keep your tools organized.   Don’t settle for a substandard box that will leave you frustrated. Just order one of our high-quality, affordable heavy duty work benches and you’ll see that we’re the best value in workbenches toolboxes.

20 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4″ Workbench W/Swappable Drawers Dimensions

Drawer Size WxDxH Rails Capacity
A 41″x23.5″x2.75″ 1 Set 200Lbs
B 19.4″x23.5″x2.75″ 1 Set 200Lbs
C 41″x23.5″x4.72″ 2 Sets 400Lbs
D 19.4″x23.5″x5.31″ 2 Sets 400Lbs

Product Materials

20 Drawer Garage Workbench Features:

Measurements: 9 ft 4 1/4″ L X 37.5 H X 27″ D

  • All Steel Welded Frame 14 Gauge Square Tubing
  • All Steel Drawers with 14 Gauge Drawer Fronts
  • Galvanized Steel Drawer Bodies are 16 Gauge
  • Work surface is 14 Gauge 304 STAINLESS STEEL
  • 4 inch lip on the top back work surface
  • Mixture of 4 skinny drawers, 10 deep drawers, 6 wide drawers
  • Fully Enclosed Backs
  • All Powder Coat Finish
  • Barrel Style Drawer Locks Included
  • Steel ball bearing rail slides with detent
  • Skinny Drawers are single railed and rated for200lbs each
  • Deep Drawers are double railed, with double gussets on the bottom and rated for 400lbs each
  • Shipping Weight 1436lbs
  • High Quality 1/8 Dragonfire Anti slip precision cut foam drawer liners available for $60.00 per set of 20.
  • 6 Piece Heavy Duty Caster Set Available for $250.00
  • 6 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Foot Set for $200.00.

5 Year Limited Warranty

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57 reviews for 20 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4″ Workbench W/Swappable Drawers

57 reviews
  1. Carlton Stroud

    I just want to say how pleased I am with these cabinets. They are the best quality as you can see. We stack stuff all over it and we have all the drawers full and the cabinets also but with all the different sizes it makes it easy to store so many things.


  2. James Williams

    Excellent product. Love the interchangeable drawers. Very sturdy product. Stainless steel top looks great! My only complaint is almost looking for something to complain about. The key hangs up in the lock. Probably will go away after the key wears.


  3. Chris Leveille

    High quality tool boxes! I highly recommend Dragonfire tool boxes, Lew was great to work with and I received my boxes quickly.


  4. Randy glines

    Customer service was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Product is high quality.


  5. Randy Glines

    Just got them in so far love the Quality. The drawers are heavy duty.


  6. Brian

    Was an absolute pleasure to deal with Lew, the entire process was exactly as he said it would be , shipping was great and the quality of the packaging was incredible. My box arrived in absolutely perfect condition, this box is twice the size and half the price of my previous matco box and hands down better quality. I will not hesitate to do business with Lew again and refer everyone to dragonfire.


  7. Paul B.

    I weighed out all the options. Very satisfied with the quality of this work bench and cabinet package. Ridiculous amount of storage space, smooth drawers you can slam shut without concern. You can stand inside the drawers as advertised. This must be what it’s like to chew 5 gum.


  8. C.D.White

    excellent service excellent product i will buy another one for my house


  9. Travis Gladman

    I just picked my boxes up Saturday 4/22/23 can’t say enough good things about the boxes very well build. They should hold up very well in my shop. Dealing with Lew was top notch. Would highly recommend the dragon fire line up to anyone looking for quality affordable tool storage and a great work bench.


  10. David Morris

    Ordering was flawless, shipping was accurate and timely. Tools chest was received in great working order. Rates well above other chests in our shops. We are ordering the 30 drawer work bench as I type this review.

  11. Kurt Larson

    Slowly moving into our new shop. These tool boxes are OUTSTANDING!


  12. Chris Lancaster (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier! Awesome tool box!


  13. Justin Mayes (verified owner)

    Just got my 20 Drawer HD workbench for my wiring Business. All I can say is wow, absolutely stunning! Definitely a great value! Can’t wait to order more in the future!


  14. Ben Mitchell (verified owner)

    Amazing quality! Super Heavy Duty! As good or better than the Snap-on, MAC, Matco, etc. at a fraction of the price. No doubt, I’ll be ordering more from Dragon Fire Tools very soon.


  15. Chris Camburn (verified owner)

    Lew is the best. Before buying I had issues with the overall height. Lew gave me the dimensions of the casters so I could find shorter ones. Ordered the box and was blown away how nicely it was packaged and protected. The pallet that it came on made installing the casters easy. This Box is everything I wanted. Awesome job Lew. Thank you!


  16. Cory Lathrop (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality on this 20 drawer.


  17. Cory Lathrop (verified owner)

    We received our toolbox and cabinets on Friday and were able to get everything put into place Saturday – putting the finishing touches on our new Sled Shop at Camp
    Our first impression on the packaging set the stage for a Christmas morning like package opening. The quality of this product is unlike anything I have experienced. I’ve been in the Auto Industry, Truck Equipment industry for over 30 years, I’ve seen many manufacturers tool boxes and storage cabinets and I have a very large Snap-on set up at my shop at my house. You and your team have an impressive process to turn out the quality you do with DragonFire – I hope this message makes you proud of your team. Well done!


  18. Ed Brogdon (verified owner)

    I think I read all the reviews before deciding to pull the trigger on these bad boys. After all the glowing reviews my expectations were really high. Somehow, they were even better than I expected. Lew is a pleasure to deal with & made the whole process of delivery as worry free as possible.


  19. Randy Timms

    Excellent product, great addition to our race shop! #team5T



    Purchased this from Lew – class act guy. Picked it up at his warehouse no hassle loaded it and I hauled it to my new shop in Florida. The quality of this bench is second to none. The packaging of this bench is unbelievable it is packaged great I can’t believe the detail that went into the packaging. A #1 – If I ever have the need for another Dragoonfire will be my only call. Always remember you get what you pay for this is the highest quality.


  21. bozofd393 (verified owner)

    This workbench took the place of 5 toolboxes. It is very much worth the price. Could not of asked for anything better. Also the delivery was spot on.

  22. Ken Brumet

    When outfitting our fire garage we were researching options and stumbled on Dragon Fire Tools. Sure glad we did. After talking with Lew, we ordered 3 of them and could not be happier. After unpacking them, it was clear that we made the right choice! Great product, well made and looks awesome! Thanks again.


  23. Jon Albert (verified owner)

    I received my workbench last week and was completely satisfied. I’ve always bought Matco and Snap On tool boxes for my shop. Well not anymore. This box is exactly what I was looking for and the quality is far beyond what I expected. Me and my workers will be selling our other boxes and outfitting our shop with these boxes. It has been a pleasure dealing with the owner. If you have any doubts just call Lew, you will not be disappointed!


  24. George Adams

    Received this 20 drawer tool box for Christmas from my wife and it is great!! It is well built and has a stainless steel countertop that is great workspace. I would definitely purchase again before I would buy anything Snap On.


  25. Jeff Tischhauser

    I bought the Dragonfire Tool Box for our new shop. I started using it in August, 2020 it’s a very impressive Tool Box/Tool Bench. I couldn’t be more happy with this product, and Lew is the best to work with! Roger the delivery guy went above and beyond what I expected. He helped unpack it and checked every drawer to make sure it was in perfect condition. In January I will be purchasing the 22 drawer Midnight Pro roll around tool cabinet.


  26. Kristian Madsen

    I just installed my 20 drawer Dragonfire Tool Bench and I must say it LOOKS AWESOME! It has exceeded my expectations! Thank you Lew for making such a great product. Kristian


  27. Joe Brown

    This tool bench/work bench is everything they claim. Strong, durable drawers and a bench that will last a lifetime. As soon as the budget flips to 2021 I will be buying another bench from Dragonfire. Great American product that’s built to last. Keep up the good work fellas, your products are outstanding. Great pricing as well

    Heavy Duty Workbench

  28. Rocky Yohe

    I LOVE my new box! Already have it hard at work! Lots of space and a usable work surface! The “big toolbox guys” could learn from Lew and Dragonfire! Customer service was outstanding! Cant wait to order upper cabinets to match!


  29. Kade Comeaux (verified owner)

    I just got mine in today and I love it. Very well built.


  30. Blake Turner

    I got my tool box about 2 weeks ago, this is a solid sturdy box. Very good design and very well built. Would definitely buy again.

    20 Drawer Garage Workbench

  31. Devin V.

    Couldn’t have asked for a better product. It makes everything more accessible, and the casters add just enough height on the work bench, so constant bending is no longer an issue. A ton of space, makes organizing extremely easy. As far as delivery goes:
    They were delivered to my door, he helped unload them and put them in place. Well packaged and delivered in perfect condition. Fit and finish is spot on.


  32. Ken Ratliff

    I purchased the 20 drawer a little over a year ago and have been so satisfied with it that I just recently purchased a 17 drawer. Working for a local municipality and using taxpayer dollars, I had to purchase a high quality product at the best possible price. Dragonfire quality is definitely top notch and the pricing is very competitive. Some of the other brands I looked at were almost double the cost of Dragonfire.


  33. Mark

    We were impressed with the Work Bench from beginning to end! No Short Cuts here. Even the shipping pallet was custom. This bench is easily worth twice the amount we paid.


  34. Francine Jaramillo

    We purchased a few of their workbenches for our maintenance shops at Universal Studios Hollywood.

    The quality of their benches is outstanding and the thought put into their new line of midnight workbenches is exceptional. The added electrical outlets and drawer configurations are proof that these benches were designed by and for mechanics that take pride in the organization of their business (or hobby). They are shipped fully wrapped and even had covers to protect the corners.
    Excellent product and exceptional customer service! Would highly recommend and buy again.

  35. Mike Foresta

    I’ve been eyeing this 20 drawer for more than a year. The opportunity finally presented itself and I jumped on it. I’ve had all the big name expensive boxes over my 20+year career and I can tell you Dragonfire’s quality is top notch! Not to mention it was delivered within a week of ordering! I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Lew and his team for everything!

  36. Steve Posey

    Wow! Just got my new Dragonfire workbench. What a beautiful site. Just built a garage and wanted a heavy duty work bench. It’s a nice centerpiece. Roger delivered and put it right where I needed. I’m very impressed with the packaging. Bravo Zulu on craftsmanship. With stainless steel top and backsplash with USB ports, outlets, heavy duty drawers, I can say I got what I paid for. Thanks Lew for responding to my emails and phone call. You have a great team. 5 Stars all the way.


  37. Jeff Chambers

    Very Nice Toolbox!! Exactly as expected


  38. Chris Kucek (verified owner)

    This bench is exactly what we needed for outfitting our shop – we now have plenty of tool and equipment storage that’s all organized and easily accessed. This is a heavy, durable bench that’s going to last.
    As others have said, Lew is great to work with. I’d recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality bench with lots of storage.


  39. Rob (verified owner)

    Great product. Very heavy construction. Will be purchasing 4 more for our dealership service department.


  40. Dan Lawerence

    Wanted to send you a quick Thank You and let you know we couldn’t be happier with both workbenches

    We had to clean up and organize our shop space so first we started with the 20 drawer unit

    Sometimes you can teach a dog new tricks and Pops got himself the 30 drawer a few months later

    From ordering to deliver you guys did a great job and these tool boxes are tremendous

    If you have anybody in the Buffalo, NY area that’s on the fence let us know and they can stop by and “kick the tires”


  41. Kenny Buchheit

    These cabinets are rock-solid and a top-notch product! Pictures don’t do them justice, definitely built to withstand the rough environment of a heavy duty truck shop. The only thing better than the products is the guy who’s selling them. Lew goes above and beyond, he was always there to answer our questions and make sure we were completely satisfied with the purchase for our businesa. Looking forward to many years of faithful service out of this 20-drawer unit.


  42. Stephenson Equipment

    Excellent product! Everything that we though it would be and then some, excellent value and well thought out design.


  43. Hugo Villarreal | Heavy Unit Maintenance Foreman

    The workbenches look great and look very well built. I also like the two tone grey with the stainless steel top along with the drawer handles. It also has a great combination of different size drawers, perfect to organize tools and parts. Workbenches make the shop look more professional and organized. I will totally come back to purchase more of these workbenches. Lew the owner is a real easy person to communicate with.

    workbenchheavy duty workbench

    workbench with drawers

  44. Loren Kranz

    I got the 20 drawer workbench through a rewards program from a company we do business with. I was very impressed at the dealer open house with the workbench on display and it seemed like very high quality. I chose the workbench because we were planning a new addition to our farm shop. The shop addition took a while and I had to spend two months looking at the workbench still wrapped up. When we finally unwrapped it…WOW!!! This bench is solid and built with the highest quality. Corners, edges and drawers were precise, smooth and operated flawlessly. Since then we have gotten it placed and filled with tools. One whole drawer is nothing but 3/4 drive impact sockets and ratchets, so considerable weight and that drawer rolls out smooth as can be. Our bench was made before they switched to the stainless steel tops, so it is painted and we saw it was going to scratch with heavy items, so we have it covered with a solid thin rubber mat and that is working great. I called and talked to Lew about the painted top and he told me of the changes they were making, which is amazing that they are that in touch with their customers and the comments to make valuable changes already to their product. He asked me a lot of questions about how I liked it and since they delivered it to the dealer, he wanted to know if it arrived in perfect condition which it had. We will be looking at adding to this bench when we get the other half of the shop finished up next winter. I really like the different drawer sizes on this unit, we were able to put a wide range of tools into it especially with the deeper drawers.

    industrial workbench with drawers

  45. matt.stratton

    Product is exactly as advertised. We needed a workbench/tool box combo that was high quality and durable, and the Dragonfire bench was definitely the right choice. It’s a quality box, and Lew’s customer service was second to none. When our shop has the need to buy additional boxes in the future, we know we’ll be coming back for more.

    Industrial Heavy Duty Workbench with Drawers

  46. Todd Johnson

    Ordered mine 4 weeks ago. Got it in a week. Absolutely love it. Was shocked when I received it. The packaging was exceptional and I was SURPRISED at the superior quality.

  47. esteytomr

    I’m impressed with my new 20 drawer toolbox/WORKBENCH. The drawers are roomy and strong. Very well built product. I would definitely recommend to my friends. Really nice box for a great price! Lew was great to deal with too!


  48. Trent M.

    Received mine today. Got it unpacked and was blown away. The pictures as good as they are, do not do this thing justice. Massive amount of work area on top. Enough space for every tool I own plus some. Drawers are solid not cheap tin. Casters are heavy duty. (They did package them SEPARATELY so they wouldn’t get damaged during shipping so I did have to bolt them on) It took about 15 minutes to install the casters 4 locking swivels and 2 center swivels and it rolls like a dream. Awesome product.

  49. Don westercam

    Had been shopping around for a while now looking at various systems for a redo of my garage. I have several roll arounds but wanted something that would save me space, look good, and not cost a ton. The setup that i had is the typical setup, Wooden workbench made from 4×4’s and 2×4’s, 3/4″ plywood top and a bunch of junk underneath it. Plan was to gut the garage and redo everything. Came across these via a post on Facebook. at first glance I thought the price was high and moved on. Then after doing the research and looking at Lista and Vidmar I figured out that these were actually a great price. Have had mine for 3 1/2 months now. Very solid unit, and a great company to do business with. Highly Recommend.

  50. John Callahan

    I own a small repair shop, 3 bays. Ripped everything out and re-did the shop including new lifts. Was looking at Lista when I found these. We ended up buying 3 and are very pleased with them.

  51. Travis Swauger

    This Workbench was a great addition to our shop. Being a 14 bay Semi-Trailer Repair Shop we needed a workbench with enough space to hold the heavy and large tools we use everyday and strong enough to take the beating. It is holding (75) 3/4″Drive Sockets, (50) 1″ Drive Socket, (6) 3/4″ Impacts,(4) 1/2″ Impacts, (4) Electric Grinders, (8) Air Grinders, (3) Air Drills, (3) Electric Drills, (3) 36″ Pipe Wrenches, (4) 24″ Pipe wrenches, (2) Air Needle Scalers, (2) 1/2″ Torque Wrenches, (1) 3/4″ Torque wrench, (1) 3/4″ Torque multiplier, (24) Lg Wrenches up to 2″, (3) Rawhide Hammer, (3) Rubber Mallets, (2) Electric Sheet Nibblers,(3) Rivet Guns and I am sure I am forgetting some. The drawers hold all the weight perfect and still open and close with ease. Lew is a great representative, easy to talk to and not a pushy salesman. He told me that he builds a quality workbench and he was absolutely correct. We have employee’s that would swap their Snap-On tool boxes for this workbench.

  52. Ben L.

    I’ve had mine for 3 months now and thought that it would be a good time to leave a review. From a design standpoint all I can say is WOW! Can’t imagine how I got by before without this. Not only did I save a ton of room by getting rid of my wooden workbench, but I was also able to get rid of my craftman tool chest. (That money went to buy more tools!) Anyways, an awesome unit at an awesome price. Very Happy.

  53. Kevin V.

    I’ve Been looking for a while for something like this. I wanted a workbench with drawers but everything I saw out there was junk. Went to Ritchie Brothers and they have them, but they are total crap, so I kept looking. Came across these through a buddy of mine. He saw these at a show and told me to check them out. I was close enough to them that I was able to take a ride up meet Lew and check them out, and I’m glad I did. Solid heavy duty construction. You get way more for your money than anything else I’ve seen out there.

  54. Dave R.

    Redid the garage, was getting rid of the old tool box and wanted to find something that was good but didn’t break the bank. Never thought I’d find a tool box that was also a workbench, this thing is awesome! First I went to several sites and some of the toolboxes like extreme tools were way out of my price range for what I thought I wanted. Was on garage journal and read a review about these. I really like the fact that I have a full workbench with my tools right where I can get them without walking over to a toolbox. Quality is just as good if not better than toolboxes that are name brand but with a much better price. I will be getting another one here in the near future.

  55. Todd Easton

    I chose these units for our new shop and couldn’t be happier very well built sharp looking and those wide drawers can hold so many things we couldn’t fit before. Compares to the others I have seen these are the best value period!

  56. Rich Callahan

    I could not be happier with this piece. Was going to build a workbench from wood and then I saw these. It really helped me get organized and takes up way less space than having a box plus a workbench. The wide deep drawers are perfect especially if you want to put deep well sockets in there upright. Quality is far better than I expected. You get a lot for your money.

  57. Chuck Martin

    This workbench is what I had been looking for. The wide drawers are awesome for larger items like breaker bars. Lew was awesome to deal with and kept me informed every step of the way. The drawers are strong and not flimsy, the finish is great, and the size is perfect.