Thanks for visiting Dragonfire Tools. Dragonfire Tools Manufactures Quality, Affordable Custom Work Benches and Cabinets to our specific engineering specifications and standards. Don’t be fooled by others you see out in the market. Need higher quantities? Please contact us for a custom quote. Need Lime Green? We can do that via our custom orders. Current production time on custom and special orders is 60-75 days. Call Lew 724-757-3336


Dragon Fire Tools was started in the spring of 2016. I was a machinist in the United States Navy on board the ballistic missile submarine USS Pennsylvania SSBN 735 from 92-96 so I know all about getting dirty and turning wrenches.

My goal was to try and put together an affordable and quality solution for home shops, garages, and industrial shops. We wanted to offer an alternative to big name brand boxes that cost sometimes tens of thousands of dollars and offer little to no work space. I feel that there is no need to spend all that money just to put your tools in. By putting together a workbench along with tool storage i felt that we were solving multiple problems at the same time, and the response so far has been great!

We are constantly upgrading the design of our cabinets and workbenches using feedback from customers just like you who are using these everyday. Our commitment to our fellow wrench turners is to continue to strive to provide quality product at an affordable price. If you want to know a little more about me and my background, please connect with me on linkedin.