Buy a Top-Quality Laboratory Workbench at a Great Price

Working in a laboratory setting demands a professional workstation with a combination of a flat work surface and adequate storage space close at hand. The stainless steel workbench surfaces of Dragonfire Tools products make them ideal workstation solutions, not only for mechanics and carpenters but also for those working in the biological or chemical sciences. At Dragonfire Tools, we are committed to manufacturing the best-quality storage and workbench units at affordable prices. We don't think you need to overspend to get the high quality you need in laboratory workbench furniture!

  • Midnight Pro Series Garage Workbench

    20 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4″ Heavy Duty Steel Workbench

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  • 30 Drawer Heavy Duty Workbench with Drawers

    30 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4 Steel Industrial Workbench

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  • 17 Drawer Garage Workbench

    17 Drawer Midnight Pro Series Heavy Duty 7FT Workbench

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  • 12 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 7FT Heavy Duty Garage Workbench

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  • 24 Drawer Stainless Steel Workbench

    24 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 7FT Heavy Duty Workbench

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  • 18 Drawer Heavy Duty Industrial Workbench with Drawers

    18 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4 Heavy Duty Workbench

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  • 22 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet with Shelves

    NEW 22-Drawer Roll-Around Tool Cabinet with Swappable Drawers

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  • Garage Locker Style Cabinet for shops and businesses

    Midnight Pro Series Locker Cabinet

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  • Midnight Pro Series Lower Corner Workbench Cabinet

    Lower Corner Cabinet

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  • Midnight Pro Series Wall Cabinet

    Midnight Pro Series Wall Cabinets

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  • Garage Upper Corner Cabinet

    Upper Corner Wall Cabinet

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  • 6 Piece heavy duty caster set

    Work Bench Casters Set of 6

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  • 6 piece heavy duty leveling foot set

    6 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Leveling Foot Set

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  • Solvent Resistant 1/4" workbench worksurface mat

    Rubber Worksurface Mat

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  • Small Detent for Dragonfire Workbenches

    Replacement Detents for Dragonfire Workbenches

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  • Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Detent

    Replacement Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Detents

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Important Features of a Chemistry Lab Workbench

Having a well-organized, sturdy workstation is crucial in a laboratory for both safety and efficiency. Compromising durability and quality is never an issue with a Dragonfire Tools modular lab workbench, and they're also packed with practical features:

  • Numerous drawer configurations ranging from just a few to many drawers
  • A combination of both skinny and deep drawers, which will hold 100 pounds or more
  • Fully opening drawers with steel ball bearing rail slides
  • Lockable drawers and cabinets
  • Fully enclosed back
  • 14-gauge steel frame and 16-gauge steel drawer bodies
  • 14-gauge stainless steel work surface with a 4-inch backsplash
  • Electrical outlets and USB ports so you can easily plug in your equipment

Adaptable Laboratory Workbench Furniture With Custom Options Available

One of the many great things about Dragonfire Tools workbenches is their versatility. These storage units were designed with mechanics and carpenters in mind, but any of our workbenches or rolling tool boxes would be just as useful in a laboratory setting. Chemists and other science professionals who need a flat and strong work surface with surrounding storage space will appreciate our heavy-duty workbenches with drawers, and they're available in an array of configurations. We can also create a custom modular lab workbench to meet your exact requirements, whether you need a certain size or number of drawers or just want a custom color that matches your company, university, or agency logo.

Work Smarter and Safer With Dragonfire Tools

Having a tidy, organized workspace with plenty of room for all of your equipment is crucial to any scientific research, and it's easy to create your ideal workstation with Dragonfire Tools. If you need helping choosing the right chemistry lab workbench, we'd be glad to assist you: Just reach out by phone or email and we'll guide you through our products to help you find the ones that fit your laboratory perfectly. Every affordable, industrial-grade product we sell is backed by a five-year warranty, and we'll be here for you after you take delivery to answer any questions or concerns and note any suggestions you might have to make our great products even better. Place your order today and save on top-quality lab workbenches and cabinets: You'll be glad you did!