Find a Custom Workbench for Sale at a Great Price

Dragonfire Tools understands just how important having a heavy-duty workbench or toolbox at your disposal is. Our metal workbenches are designed to withstand even the toughest wear and tear. However, while we offer an array of great tool storage solutions, we can't always anticipate every professional's unique and exact workbench requirements. That's why we're happy to create a custom workbench design specifically tailored to the needs of your business or government agency. We'll work with you to ensure that each custom-built workbench you order from us is precisely what you need.

  • Midnight Pro Series Garage Workbench

    20 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4″ Heavy Duty Steel Workbench

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  • 30 Drawer Heavy Duty Workbench with Drawers

    30 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4 Steel Industrial Workbench

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  • 17 Drawer Garage Workbench

    17 Drawer Midnight Pro Series Heavy Duty 7FT Workbench

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  • 12 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 7FT Heavy Duty Garage Workbench

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  • 24 Drawer Stainless Steel Workbench

    24 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 7FT Heavy Duty Workbench

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  • 18 Drawer Heavy Duty Industrial Workbench with Drawers

    18 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4 Heavy Duty Workbench

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  • 22 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet with Shelves

    NEW 22-Drawer Roll-Around Tool Cabinet with Swappable Drawers

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  • Garage Locker Style Cabinet for shops and businesses

    Midnight Pro Series Locker Cabinet

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  • Midnight Pro Series Lower Corner Workbench Cabinet

    Lower Corner Cabinet

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  • Midnight Pro Series Wall Cabinet

    Midnight Pro Series Wall Cabinets

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  • Garage Upper Corner Cabinet

    Upper Corner Wall Cabinet

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  • 6 Piece heavy duty caster set

    Work Bench Casters Set of 6

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  • 6 piece heavy duty leveling foot set

    6 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Leveling Foot Set

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  • Solvent Resistant 1/4" workbench worksurface mat

    Rubber Worksurface Mat

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  • Small Detent for Dragonfire Workbenches

    Replacement Detents for Dragonfire Workbenches

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  • Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Detent

    Replacement Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Detents

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Customized workbenches are available for bulk order (ten or more workbenches or toolboxes) only.

Creating Your Own High-Quality Custom Steel Workbench

If you're searching for a dependable custom workbench for sale, you need look no further than Dragonfire Tools. Though our premade toolboxes are durable products that come with a wealth of useful features, you might need something a little different. Perhaps you need a different-sized custom stainless steel workbench top to better fit your space. Or maybe you require more skinny drawers. Our custom-made stainless steel toolboxes can also be made in different colors, so you can match your company logo or school colors. Whatever the case, be sure to contact us with your ideas and we'll do our best to make your dream custom garage workbench a reality.

We provide a wide variety of different features that can be applied to your custom-made workbenches. For instance, if your workers are constantly on the move from one garage bay to the next or one job site to another, we can add heavy-duty casters to help you move our boxes anywhere you need them. We can also add foam drawer liners to your storage compartments to keep your expensive tool collection safe and organized.

Save More on Custom Industrial Workbenches With Free Shipping

Our workbenches are made with industrial-strength stainless steel, but don't come with an industrial-sized price attached. We believe in helping you get your job done without breaking the bank, and that also extends to shipping costs. We provide Free Shipping (some exclusions apply) on all of our products, including our custom-built workbenches. No matter how large you need your workbench to be, you can rest assured that shipping will be reasonable.

We don't stop working to make sure that you're satisfied once your order arrives, either. We're committed to ensuring that every customer is happy with our products, which is why we'll check in with you once your shipment has arrived to see how you're doing and whether you have any suggestions for us. We also provide a five-year limited warranty to help protect your investment and your peace of mind.

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your Custom Workbench!

Your custom workbench doesn't start in our shop: It starts in your mind. Whatever ideas you have in mind for your custom stainless steel workbench top, drawers, size, or color, just reach out to us and we'll make it happen. We'll work with you to create the perfect workbench: Even if you're not exactly sure what that is, we'll happily use our professional experience to help you narrow it down. We can answer any questions you may have or share ideas and tips we've picked up along the way to help craft and bring your vision to life. Get high-end service without the high price tag when you buy custom workbenches from Dragonfire Tools!