Shop Workbenches and Buy a Heavy-Duty Worktable That Works for You

In a busy workshop, a reliable workbench with tool storage can keep your team organized, productive, and safe. Our range of affordable workshop tool storage products includes reliable toolboxes for every need, whether you're improving a home workshop or outfitting a professional garage. We make it easy to get the right toolbox for the job without breaking your budget!

Using stainless steel for our heavy-duty industrial worktables produces products that can stand up to anything you can dish out. Not only does stainless steel resist cutting tools and corrosion better than other materials, but it also looks good, requires very little maintenance, and cleans up easily: It's a sturdy worktable material you can count on. A stainless steel workshop bench stands up to weight, spills, pressure, and time, which is why we use high-gauge stainless steel in all of our products.

The best toolbox should help you to get things done more efficiently, which is why our workbenches all come with built-in USB and power ports. You won't need to scramble for extension cords or hunt for open outlets when you use our products, and the USB ports in our workshop workbench designs allow you to plug in any digital device, making it easy to pull up plans or contact clients while you work.

Keep Tools Safe in a Sturdy Shop Workbench

A workbench isn't just a flat work surface. The best industrial workbenches feature shop tool storage that can hold everything you need within easy reach. The smallest drawers of our shop toolboxes can hold up to 100 pounds each, and our larger drawers are rated for up to 300 pounds! They're also plenty deep enough to hold your longest or widest implements. Just check the detailed specs for each product to see how well all of your tools will fit. Each drawer of our shop toolboxes has an enclosed back and sides to keep your tools safe, and you can lock them shut to secure your gear when you're not around.

Design Your Ultimate Workshop Tool Cabinet

If you don't see a tool shop toolbox in our inventory that suits your needs, we'd be happy to create a custom solution for your workshop. Whether you need extra metal shop cabinets, more drawers, or a workbench tailored to fit a unique space, we have the experience and quality materials to do the job right. We can even help you with special orders for cosmetic adjustments: If you need toolboxes in your favorite color or to match your company's logo, that's not a problem.

Get Exceptional Shop Tool Storage at Affordable Prices

Great workshops need great workbenches, and Dragonfire Tools makes excellence affordable. We work hard to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. You'll get the durability and functionality you expect from top name brands, as well as the best value around when you order benches from us!

We stand behind the strength and durability of our products with a five-year warranty. Go ahead and put our workbenches and tool chests to the test: You'll find that they meet the same high standards you apply to your own work. Call us today and let us get to work on an industrial workbench or cabinet for your shop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Workbenches

What Is the Best Workbench to Buy?

Dragonfire Tools makes the toughest, best garage workbenches with storage on the market. Our industrial-grade workbenches are perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike. With their ability to hold a heavy load, you can make a tool bench into your central work station that holds anything you need to get the job done. And with the ability to make your stand-up toolbox mobile by adding casters, you can be sure that there's no better box for quality and convenience.

Do I Need a Garage Workbench?

If you have a workshop or do any sort of work in your garage that requires tools, you should absolutely have a workbench with drawers. The strong stainless steel surface of our mobile workbench gives you peace of mind that you can use your tools and work as hard as you want without damaging anything in your workspace. Tool storage is also important for keeping each item clean, greased, rust-free, and organized. If you've ever spent more time hunting for the exact size wrench you need than you have getting the job done, you need a workbench with storage.

What Is a Good Size for a Garage Workbench?

We think the best workbench is one that gives you plenty of room to work and lots of drawers for tools. Our workbenches are either 7 feet or 9 feet long, though we can also customize the best tool chest for your needs in any size. You can choose a workshop bench with as few as 12 drawers, as many as 24 drawers, or a range of configurations in between.

How Deep Should a Workbench Be?

A workbench should be deep enough to provide an ample work surface without being so deep that you can't reach things at the back of the bench. Our workbenches are a little more than 2 feet deep, giving you plenty of room for tools, parts, and lumber.

What Is a Good Height for a Workbench?

A workbench should sit at waist height for comfortable work that doesn't cause you to stoop. That means a worktable should be between 3.5 and 4 feet tall. Our workbenches for sale fall right in this range.

Where Do You Put a Workbench in a Garage?

A workbench table in the garage is ideally placed against a wall with an outlet or on the side closest to your house for easier wiring to install an outlet. If you have a small garage, portable worktables are the perfect solution. That way, you can move your work station to the nearest outlet or light source and then move it aside when you need to park your car.

What Is the Best Wood for a Workbench Top?

Hardwood options such as oak and maple are the best wood options for a workbench top, but we don't recommend any type of wood for your workshop bench: It's too easy to damage while you're working. Our workbenches are all made with heavy-duty stainless steel tops that can stand up to whatever you can dish out.