Buy the Best Professional Toolbox at the Best Price

At Dragonfire Tools, we know that no one wants to own inferior tool storage. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or contractor or a serious do-it-yourselfer or hobbyist, the tools you buy represent a significant investment, and they need to be properly stored so they’ll be ready to use whenever you need them. But we also believe that you shouldn’t have to overspend to get the quality you want and need. That’s why we’re proud to offer high-quality professional tool chests and cabinets without the high price tag you might expect.

  • Midnight Pro Series Garage Workbench

    20 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4″ Workbench W/Swappable Drawers

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  • 30 Drawer Heavy Duty Workbench with Drawers

    30 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4 Workbench W/Swappable Drawers

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  • Mechanics 18 Drawer Heavy Duty Industrial Workbench with Drawers

    18 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 9FT 4 1/4 Workbench W/Swappable Drawers

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  • 17 Drawer Garage Workbench

    New 17 Drawer Midnight Pro Series Heavy Duty 7FT Workbench W/ Swappable Drawers

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  • 12 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 7FT Heavy Duty Garage Workbench

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  • 24 Drawer Stainless Steel Workbench

    24 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 7FT Heavy Duty Workbench

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  • 22 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet with Shelves

    NEW 22-Drawer Roll-Around Tool Cabinet with Swappable Drawers

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  • Midnight Pro Series Lower Corner Workbench Cabinet

    Lower Corner Cabinet

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  • Garage Locker Style Cabinet for shops and businesses

    Midnight Pro Series Locker Cabinet

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  • Midnight Pro Series Wall Cabinet

    Midnight Pro Series Wall Cabinets

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  • Garage Upper Corner Cabinet

    Upper Corner Wall Cabinet

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  • 6 Piece heavy duty caster set

    Work Bench Casters Set of 6

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  • 6 piece heavy duty leveling foot set

    6 Piece Heavy Duty Adjustable Leveling Foot Set

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  • Solvent Resistant 1/4" workbench worksurface mat

    Rubber Worksurface Mat

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  • Small Detent for Dragonfire Workbenches

    Replacement Detents for Dragonfire Workbenches

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  • Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Detent

    Replacement Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Detents

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Affordable and Functional Storage

When you shop with us, the best professional toolbox for your workshop or garage is well within reach. You’ll have your pick of affordable professional tool storage options that would be at home in any body shop, car dealership, or municipal garage. Our products are available in a range of sizes and configurations, so you’ll be able to keep even your heaviest or longest tools stowed safely and within arm’s reach.

Our heavy-duty units are designed to fit virtually any space and any tool collection. Choose a 30-drawer professional workbench with a set of wall cabinets above it to expand your storage options, or order a 12-drawer pro toolbox on casters that you can roll around your garage or onto a truck for use at a remote job site. Either way, you’ll get a solidly built stainless steel professional workbench that you can count on for years to come. Our boxes have skinny drawers that can hold up to 100 pounds apiece and deep drawers rated for 300 pounds each. The all-steel welded frame offers unsurpassed strength, and the fully enclosed backs keep everything stable and secure. Cabinet doors securely close magnetically, and inside, there are adjustable shelves for even more versatility. We also offer anti-slip drawer liners to further enhance your professional workbench. And every workbench includes outlets and USB ports, so you won’t have to scramble for an extension cord.

Need professional tool storage products in a different size or configuration or even a special color? We’d be happy to accommodate you with a custom order. At Dragonfire Tools, we are committed to providing you with exactly the pro tool chest or workbench you want. If you have your heart set on a specific design that you don’t see here, call us and we’ll get to work creating a customized professional workbench that suits your needs.

Buy Professional Tool Chests and Cabinets With Confidence

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and we back each of them with a five-year warranty. We’re also always working to make our workbenches and tool chests better: If you have suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them. And if you need help picking out the best professional toolbox for your needs, just contact us and we’ll gladly assist you. Once you shop with us, we’re sure that you’ll be glad you did.